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I am 3 months old, riding my doggy... My kitty is very surprized!
Let's go...

I did it!
I am 11 months and cannot walk yet, but I love sports.

I am 2 and I love computers! This is my favorite toy :) !
My best toy

I am not afraid :)
I am helping to build our summer house... It's scaring to be on the roof but funny!

I am 3 and a half and this is my first Christmas in the Kinder Garden. I am little fox and I love my beautiful tail!
New Year

Here I am 4 years old. This is center of Moscow, I love it's beautiful flowers and fountains.

I am 4 and a half and this is the dance for our moms!
Day 8 March

Happy 6th Birthday from my friends in the Kinder Garden!

Me, my mom, my grandmother and grandfather (and kitty)!

Press HERE to see my latest pictures at Bravenet Photoalbum performing the Dance of the Sun at the school concert!
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The beautiful painting named "The Bouquet" is copyrighted © 2000 to wonderful artist Tom Sierak and used with his expressed written permission for creating this particular set.